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Thread: Rode a tank in the Generals ranks

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    Question Rode a tank in the Generals ranks

    Holy shit TSB, so sorry i have not visited here since the good old days. This site was the center of the sport bike scene for many of years and the people that frequented rode A LOT! I have met friends here that I still to this day stay in touch and ride with (dirt) and will always remember TSB track days. I was lucky enough to have destroyed a new bike on the track VIA TSB track day and a cold front tire. Still riding dirt bikes, we have lost so many good guys in the times we were here. I was also known for being technically challenged and that hasnt changed. Sunzabishes, Have a great day and be safe

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    good to see your still around

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    I just jumped on and my jaw dropped at how inactive the site is now!!! This used to be the spot, such a shame!!

    Anyone know if Chad Wolfe is still setting up suspensions and fixing bikes?
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    As with life, things change, people grow, lives shift, responsibilities shift and priorities shift, i fall into all those categories. This site and the people on it have given me fond memories, thank you all.
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    Holy hell I forgot about this place!! Good times!!!
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    Never forget!!!
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    Great times and memories for sure. I really do miss all of it. Hope life is treating all of you well these days!

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