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Thread: Track time

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    Track time

    I used to do track days and want to go back to it
    Does anyone here do any ?
    If someone does and look for a partner to share gas and accommodation
    Please hit me up at 786-521-8424
    My name is assi I live in Tampa and I think to register to Florida track days
    And do palm beach and Miami tracks

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    Site has slowed down a lot, but there are many track day riders and some CCS and other racers around here. Bienvenido a TSB
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    I already have a track buddy so can't share costs with you, but there are quite a few of us who do track days -- but we're mostly up at Jennings GP. We nearly always go to the Southern Track Days events (
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    thank you my brothers for the info !!
    ill check southern track days and what is CCS ?
    if u hear about someone that can give me a lift with his trailer to ANY track
    ill be happy !
    thanks again

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    Your name is ass?
    f*ck facebook

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    my name is assi , im from israel pronounced like acid no "d" not ass

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    CCS stands for "Championship Cup Series" Its a national CLUB racing organization. Until a couple of years ago it was the only Club racing series here in Florida that was at all the local tracks.
    There is now FMRRA- "Florida Motorcycle Road Racing Association" That is a newer club racing organization that is just here in florida.
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    Israel? Awesome! First generation or were your parents from there?
    f*ck facebook

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    Welcome to TSB.
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    was born there and came here 10 years ago
    love america !! love american woman

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