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Thread: Pacific Rim 2: Uprising

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    Pacific Rim 2: Uprising

    The first Pacific Rim was a love letter to Japanese giant robot fan nerds. This one is another love letter with naughty pictures.
    If you walk into this movie looking for a cinematic masterpiece, you'll be disappointed. If your looking for a fun movie then your in the right place.
    When I heard this was a sequel I was prepared to be disappointed; after all the "rift" where the Kaiju's came from was closed in the first movie. I think they covered this well in the 2nd.
    While I didn't like this movie as much as the first; still loved it and a worthy popcorn flick.
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    thanks, i enjoyed the first as just pure entertainment, and was curious about a second. Ill wait to see it for free on Plex, LOL< but ill watch it, thanks.
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