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Thread: 2018 it's a New Year

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    2018 it's a New Year

    First post of the year! Happy New Year!

    What'd you do? How was your first day?!

    I spent my last day of 2017 with mom, showed my Jeep, and parting with friends at Anthony and Pam's for the night. Started my first day of the year lazy days with great friends, breakfast and a movie. Aimless driving around led me to Largo Central Park to see the lights, then Safety Harbor for a Hot Stone Massage 💆

    Day resulted in a great first day of the year and a day at the spa on this gloomy muggy day.
    Had my first Sauna & Steam room experiences...
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    But, what do I know, I was only a janitor.

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    Relaxed from a late (later than normal) night with friends, and took care of kids.
    Oh Look another SAE!!!!
    When the FCUK did we get Ice Cream!!!!!!!

    OH LOOK>>>>> CUPCAKES...
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    Spent it with a nervous puppy. Tried to distract her by playing Titanfall 2 through the stereo instead of my gaming headphones, but nope. She could tell the difference between video game explosions and the real thing. Gave up a bit after 11pm; so I took a shower and put her between me and the misses.
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    I thought the site was shut down. Was it not?
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    Nope, just waiting for you to return! Tell your friends! Keep an eye out on the meet and eats, doing 1 a month for now.
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    bikeless so sucks.
    its on life support but expected to make a full recovery... LOL
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