Well I've been planning this trip for as long as I've been with Abby, about 10 years, I've postponed it the last 3 years for various reasons, but I'm done. I have to do this.....On the R1 too. I plan on leaving sometime the first week of august. I know it is hot, but I'll be riding a lot of high mountain passes. The extremes will be around 112 in Death valley during the day and 35 in Steamboat Co at night. Looks like I will be either buying a Subaru and fixing ti up and towing the bike out there. Selling it and continuing my trip, starting in Albuquerque NM heading north to Steamboat Co and making a left, taking lots of back roads all the way Death Valley and making another left more back roads to Roswell NM and making another Left and heading back to Albuquerque. From there head to Suches Ga to meet up with the COG group and camping with them until sept 11th and heading home.

I should be postponing again, since I quit my job (asshole boss) to concentrate on a rental property to finish and I'm broke.....BUT, I did almost die from a work accident last May, so I want to do this.....Then again since the accident I've had constant pain on my shoulders and elbows. Haven't been able to lift weights (with I do sporadically), MTB, Shooting Range and had to cut down on the riding as well.

I might actually take my truck to Albuquerque and drive to Suches and back home, but I'll decide that the week before.

Anyways, I thought I would share with my TSB friends!

Oh yeah, I also bought Stevefl's Concours do to my accident just in case..... Love the bike, but it just isn't as fun as the R1, but I do love both. Oh yeah, that's my first rental behind the bikes.