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    Question Fate of the Furious

    Anybody else see it yet? I just watched it on the Firestick last night. Now, I've always considered this film franchise like the WWE, with ridiculously absurd story lines and over the top stunts. But this one was just too much. It is by far the most unrealistic, and poorly written, of the franchise. And keep in mind they've already jumped a car out of one skyscraper through the air and into another one.

    But the worst part, aside from the use of one cliche'd line after another, was the minimal use of Charlize Theron. Damn, she is still a smoke show from head to toe, and a pretty good actress, too. They could've thrown her in some bikinis and maybe some fight scenes, but instead they relegated her to a bunch of above the waist camera shots while being confined in a dark airplane. Then limited her lines to verbal diarrhea, using every Villians catch phrases along the way. Just a total waste of eye candy

    So, I probably won't see the next one after this debacle. But this poster sure is interesting
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    So basically it an Expendables 3?
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