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Thread: Garmin - never again!

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    Garmin - never again!

    I've had many gopro cams over the years. Was looking at a new one for the track and convinced on the Virb Elite. Worked well loved the video, not super excited on mounting options.

    Came off turn 2 at JGP and broke the lens and cradle. No biggie they sell those... Camera still works fine took a beating keeps ticking!

    Call them today twice and first rep gives me the part numbers and pricing. Cool. Ask the rep can I order now with you? No, but head to the website. Ok. Check the site one piece added other can't add, but shows on site. Odd

    Next rep, oh yeah .. no we discontinued that model and part not available. Mind you I picked up the "latest" model last year. He tries sending me to Amazon eBay etc... No thanks!! Back to GoPro it is.


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    Hero 5 black was just announced and comes out soon and has everything the garmin had plus more.

    GPS, Touch screen, Water resistant without a case, Stability control, Voice control... Which would be awesome... Gopro take a picture. Gopro take a burst. Gopro start/stop video.

    Plus the amount of accessories and third party companies that support gopro... and they just signed as a sponsor for Rossi.
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