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Thread: RIP Young Rider

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    RIP Young Rider

    RIP Rider.

    Sadly had to creep past this scene this morning out near Branch Forbes Road on I-4. It was a bad scene that just made me pull off at the next exit for a few minutes. Being a rider, it literally rattled me. Happened early and I was coming thru about an hour after, and it was still one of those mornings out there when you hit the patches of fog that takes visibiity to about 50 feet. I feel for the rider's family. Wear the gear folks, even though I honestly wouldn't believe it would have mattered in this case.
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    ugh, no helmet, don't know if it would have saved her, but if the impact knocked her out, the could have prevented her from crawling to safety.
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    R.I.P......Sadly I drove by the scene on Busch BLVD on Saturday, where it looks like a speeding bike had a car turn in front of him. Not sure if that is what happened, but a young father lost his life.
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    No matter how you slice it, crashing sucks.
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