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Thread: Euro Cycles Track Day Feb. 29th at JenningsGP

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    Cool Euro Cycles Track Day Feb. 29th at JenningsGP

    D3S_5040 cover.jpg

    IMG_4734 copy.jpg

    Track Day Feb 16.jpg

    MONDAY February, 29th

    Wake up to the sound of race engines and hit the track with Euro Cycles, we will be running the track from 8am ? 5pm with an hour break for lunch. Track day is open to all but we take 30 riders max so sign up early, cost is $195 and includes all day track rental, breakfast, lunch, bike prep assistance (if needed) & ride coaching.

    We will offer FREE bike transportation to the first THREE participants who sign up early!

    We have a great atmosphere of fun when we host a track day, come see what makes our track days different!
    Call Jason M. at 813-926-9937 to RSVP.

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    Nice, one day I'll back out there
    Oh Look another SAE!!!!
    When the FCUK did we get Ice Cream!!!!!!!

    OH LOOK>>>>> CUPCAKES...
    JGP Best 118 seconds
    HMIS Best

    CCS AM 898
    Yes i hold a track record, and NO it will never be broken


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    Very cool, a Leap Day track event.
    Follow the liter

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