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Thread: 24 y/o in Spring Hill

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    Unhappy 24 y/o in Spring Hill

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    Sounds like he was riding like an asshole down spring hill drive.

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    You've really fucked up when they can see it from space.

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    Fucking sport bikers and their lane changes!!!
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    Cagers always embellish and or exaggerate the actions of motorcyclists' riding.
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    ApogeeNow - you are more than a little scary man.
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    Tommy, you really scare me sometimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RCDAVE View Post
    Sounds like he was riding like an asshole down spring hill drive.
    I didn't know the rider, but after reading the comments from another site, it sounds like something went wrong with the bike and that caused him to crash.

    Here's the comment: "I saw the accident and no, it was not the young man that takes off mirrors. This dude got into a tank slapper as he went by me a second before he jumped the curb. The first cop to arrive was right behind me. I have ridden all my life and this dude, when I saw him was going slow, like 35, but he was already totally out of control. I don't know what he was doing a minute earlier, I cant figure out what would make a bike go into a violent tank slapper at that low speed, so he must have been doing something wild a minute before I heard the engine revving and saw him ass over tea kettle."

    My thoughts on the accident...he was speeding down the road then saw the cop, got on the brakes too hard, this caused the bike to wobble then he lost it, hit the curb and went airborne into a tree. Sucks, but riding is dangerous... we are not guaranteed to live but death is always a certainty. RIP to the rider and condolences to his family and friends. May this be a lesson we all learn from.
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