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Thread: QR Code Helmet Sticker / In Case of Emergency - review

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    QR Code Helmet Sticker / In Case of Emergency - review

    I did this review on GirlRiders and I thought it may interest you all as well.

    CERQL, a company based in the UK, has created a system whereby you place a sticker on your helmet that has a scan-able QR code that contains your ICE information. A QR Code (Quick Response code) can be scanned by an app on most smart phones. The unique code can link directly to a website or other data stored online. In this case it links to a form storing your personal emergency information.
    The CERQL website states:
    In an accident paramedics can scan the code and open a WebDoc which has up to 1500 characters & 10 photos. QR codes can only be scanned when an internet connection can be established. If this is not possible at the scene, A&E departments should be able to download the details.
    Include: Next of kin, Allergies, Medication, Medical history (relevant), Doctors contact number
    Here's how it works:

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    Yea i think that is awesome, you never want to have to use that but its there if needed!

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    Things like this creep me out. Why not just stamp me and bar code my arm?
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