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Thread: Great Day to Ride - Spencer and his seats

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    Great Day to Ride - Spencer and his seats

    Back in April, Spencer over at did his magic on the seat of my ?08 Ninja 650 (the Old Man Ninja). Since then I?ve have logged about 7,500 miles on the bike. This past Sunday I headed out from Brandon up through Brooksville and over to the Dam Diner over near Eustis on Serp's ride. A good 300 mile round trip for lunch. When I got back home it struck me ? my rear didn?t hurt. And it hasn?t hurt for one single mile since I got my seat back from him. The improvement from the stock version is so good I can only give it the BEST compliment for a motorcycle seat ? regardless of how many miles I log in a day, I never even THINK about the seat.

    The guy does damn good work and I don't profess to know how he works such magic with Supracor, but he does. My mod had him use the Supracor on the front half and very dense foam on the passenger section, which is only used as a rest for a duffel when I fully load the bike. The mod and shipping was a total of right at $105. Far less expensive than the Corbin option for my bike (~$500). I took a chance just reading his site based on the fact I was sending a 6-year-old seat to him I figured "what the hell". Best roll of the dice ever.

    I know he doesn't do some bikes (Rico's R1 comes to mind - can't remember why). But if he does do the stock seats on your bike, and you want a lot of comfort for long riding - I highly suggest him.
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    Definitely a great price! Will keep that in mind. Had some work done on the passenger perch of my Rocket 3 Touring and wouldn't mine some TLC for my perch...

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    He's the best!

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