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Thread: My son's 1st fight

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    My son's 1st fight

    This past saturday, my son had his debut fight at USA Muay Thai's event in Crystal River. It was sanction by the National Muay Thai Association. He's been training his standup for about 6 months now at Gracie Brandon. Thanks again JC and Annie for coming out to support him.

    Benny "Bad Intentions" Tomas
    age: 13
    weight: 125

    Here's the video:

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    Nice fighting. Your kid has some strong punches. Didn't get to see much kicking though , but then again it was a short fight.

    Loved training Muay Thai as a kid .
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    Very cool. You should be proud of him, and congrats on being a great dad.
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    Super proud, thanks echo. He's chasing his dreams and he works very hard. I'm not rich, but I will do everything in my power to help him along the way. JD(Rocks) was one of his coaches who helped him for this fight camp and the training sessions were no joke. He's still developing his kicks, he mainly uses a low roundhouse and a push kick to measure his distance. He's got heavy hands so he relies on them.

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    My son's 1st fight

    Wrick, we had a great time and it was a great (and quick) fight. But Benny did awesome.
    Congrats to Benny

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    I think the term "lit him up" comes to mind ... along with "no mas".

    Good showing, you have a right to be proud.

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    yeah it was fun to train with him, I cant wait for him to have another one.
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    Congrats to him and you! He did awesome!!/pages/PI-STIX-Custom-Rods/204316709715

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    My son's 1st fight


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