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Thread: What did you do to your motorcycle today?

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    The race bike has been busy. It spent the day with Chad the fookin' man Wolfe last week and now has new head bearings, suspension set up for my fat ass, and countless other goodies that his meticulous nature fixed. I'd start a thread to give him the praise he is deserving, but the site is still sending out error codes

    As for today, I had some alone time with the race bike. Had to change the oil, re-do the safety wiring (that's always fun), got the DZus fasteners to fit right, and other little things that have been put off for >insert any reason here<.

    Now it's time for Daytona next week!!
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    December 22, 2017 I wipe the cobwebs away from my kickstand and decided I need to charge my battery... again.
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    What did you do to your motorcycle today?

    Wheelies on the hyper, wash the rsv, stare at the Harley and call out to the 848 to return to the garage... aired up the flats on the 4S. Busy day

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    Did an oil change on my Triumph Thunderbird; as part of my "man therapy"...
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