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Thread: Interesting Article Regarding Costs of Not Wearing a Helmet.

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    Interesting Article Regarding Costs of Not Wearing a Helmet.

    I recently ran across this article that reveals some of the medical costs associated with not wearing a helmet. The article makes me wonder what does happen when someone wrecks without wearing a helmet and racks up over $1M in medical bills? I know that the state of Florida requires $10,000 of medical insurance, but that will hardly cover the ER visit costs. If a rider has medical coverage like Blue Cross, does it cover the remaining costs up to the policy-holder's lifetime limit or do polices place this in one of those areas that are excluded from coverage? I know for instance that I cannot do a track day without getting a policy rider for the day under the coverage that I have. I guess what I am interested in learning is what is the legal collection process? Do they go after the rider or his estate and end up seizing the assets and then go to the taxpayers? This makes me wonder because, although I almost always wear a helmet, I have on occasion after working on my bike, taken it around the block to see if everything is working properly. My concern is am I putting my family's financial future at risk doing this? It doesn't take much of an impact to require serious medical attention to a head injury - even falling in a shower, but if riding a motorcycle without a helmet is an insurance exclusion (except the initial $10,000), I think that I'll be wearing a helmet even if it's around the block. It would be bad enough if I were to die from riding without a helmet, but I do not want to leave my family with nothing. Any attorneys or insurance people know how the collection process works and what is at risk?
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    Awesome find. But motorcyclist aren't the only ones getting free care all over the country. Every day countless visits to local ER's by the uninsured results in millions of dollars of charges without a single penny being repayed. My hospital alone knows it will lose ~100 million every year due to non payers. It's then the burden of those actually insured to pay for the deficiency left by those who refuse to pony up any money for the services that were rendered.

    Sadly, there is no penalty other than a hit on their credit report, which the abusers of the system don't give a sh*t about anyway.
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    I remember an $18K bill for a broken jaw while wearing a helmet...It had been broken before, so it was a weak spot, but still, with out it, I wouldn't be telling you this stupid story....
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