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Thread: Looking for help/advice

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    Looking for help/advice

    I know we got a bunch of healthy/weight lifters/body builders on this forum and I'm wondering/looking to see if anyone could help me set up/get into a workout/eating routine to get back in shape an then some.

    I've always been a bigger guy, but now it's gotten to the point of me being bigger & not fit anymore like I used to be. I went from being 170lbs benching 245lbs @ 16-17yrs old to now @ 23yrs old weighing 250lbs an not lifting at all an probably not lifting more than 150lbs if I tried.

    - 23yrs old
    - 250lbs
    - wants/needs to get back in shape
    - asking for help to do so

    Thanks everyone

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    Not a fitness expert, just a fat guy like you (a wee bit lighter) but I learned something that will help you.

    Give up the flour/starches and the sugar. Veggies will give you the carbs you need.

    I am purging them as quickly as I can because they aggravate my allergies and a side effect is weight WILL COME OFF. I've not moderated what I eat, shoot because the food I can eat is much more limited, I've probably added quite a bit more red meat, bacon and other traditionally "unhealthy" things and have been losing weight, to the tune of about 8lbs in a month and a half. I mentioned side effect because honestly I came to peace with being fat, my home life has been much less stressful than when I was leaner. Apparently though I can be fat or I can breathe.

    Leafy greens are your friend. I've been using them as a sub for rice/potatoes/breads etc. I started with baby spinach, where you can get a plastic bin for $5 and it normally lasts me a week. This weekend I've picked up some other leafy green stuff that I don't remember, just for variety.
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    Weight loss is a ridiculously easy equation. Burn more calories than you take in during the day. So, Cut out sodas and energy drinks and don't eat anything late at night. Do cardio regularly and you'll set change in less than a few weeks.
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