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Thread: Thanks Re-cycle

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    Thanks Re-cycle

    Just got some "new" rubber mounted today for a great price. Dropped my tires off in the morning an managed to get there later in the day with all this rain. Had front and rear mounted an balanced for $12 each and less than an hour. Bike feels brand new. Nice clean shop, got to watch them work on the bike- which I love learning little things that I would never actually try myself. Got to hear some good stories and feel welcomed into the riding community as I just recently got a bike. Joe did a great job. I'll definitely be going back for any needs.
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    +1 for recycle... only place my bikes will go.
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    Thanks guys it's our pleasure!!
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    $12 to mount and balance per tire? Good deal there.
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    Thanks to all for your trust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by camel View Post
    $12 to mount and balance per tire? Good deal there.
    Yeah man, they charge 50 bucks for both tires if you don't take em off the bike. Best prices that I know of.
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    that is kick ass, shit, that is cheaper than at the CCS races, i think there they charge 15 a tire to swap.... and i thought that was cheap
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