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Thread: Daytona Blue down. RIP :(

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    I miss you already daddy. Bear will be taken care of I give you my word. I went to your place today and spoke to the neighbors I can't belive we actually planed on hanging out today. Idk what to say your the second hero I lost this year. I have tO smile about all the inside jokes we had, have fun defending your self from all those Russian bikini models. I love you
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    RIP Theo Angelakos aka DaytonaBlue

    Today we lost not only our friend, but our brother.

    Theo died doing something he loved, and that is the first thing we need to realize and hold close to us. He was on a north run ride, had battery issues, and was awaiting the tow vehicle when he was last seen. He urged his fellow riders to continue their run, after they repeatedly tried to get bike back running, in hopes he could continue with them. At some point, the tow truck arrived and they were able to get the bike up and running, and Theo decided to head home, alone.

    I will NOT speculate on the accident. Nor should anyone else here. Everything, including the news reports are nothing more than that, until the investigation is over...

    Mozzi recieved a call from FHP, notifying him of Theo's accident, the hospital he was being Bayflighted to, and that next of kin needed to be notified. Mozzi then called me. I arrived at the ER within 5 minutes of the phone call, and Theo was already in the OR being operated on. Mozzi arrived shortly thereafter. Approximately 15 to 30 minutes later we were called back by the surgeon. She informed us that Theo had been still trying to breath on his own when he was found next to his 955, had been airlifted, operated on, but had passed away, due to excessive internal trauma and the resulting internal bleeding, dispite their efforts.

    Any further information will be passed on to me by the Medical Examiner tomorrow, when she calls me.

    I will be working with Theos neighbor tomorrow in order to try and get contact info for his Father, in hopes tha I can handle Theos affairs for him, since his father is elderly and out of state. Bear (Theo's beloved K9) is in the care of a neighbor, but I will be insuring that he goes to a good forever home, whether it be with myself, or another TSB member who can handle a dog ith his training. He knows, as animals somehow do, that is owner has passed, and is behaving accordingly.... so a few prayers for Daytona's best friend would be appreciated.

    I will be scheduling, with the help of a few others, a memorial ride/get together for Theo. At soonest, it will be next weekend, as out of respect for Chris, I would like to wait for him to return from his business trip.

    This tragedy was no one's fault until the official investigation says otherwise. Regardless, it was in no way, the responsibility of anyone who did or didnt ride with him today, or who missed calls from Theo after he broke down. It is very important that those individuals know that. Sometimes things just happen, the way they are meant to, and in that order. It is not necessarily for us to know, or understand why. It just is what it is.

    Nothing good can come from such thoughts, and our brother would have never wanted someone to take that on their shoulders. Theo use to say, "Ride your ride". In this case, it takes on a new meaning...

    Theo rode his, and now we must continue to ride ours. But, from here, until we meet again, he will break his own rule. For he will forever be riding our ride. The angel on our shoulder, the voice of reason whispering in the back of our minds, as we don our gear.

    I love you Daytona.... and you'll never be far from my mind, brother.

    *I will be updating here with any new information. But, if you need or want, feel free to call me at (727) 237-1577

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    RIP Theo. You were a great at so many things. I don't have alot to say other than I miss you man. I'm gonna mis riding on sundays with you man.

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    i have known DB from the first north run that i went on.(on thanksgiving day 11') he was a great friend and rider....

    and that went on to him coming over for get togethers...including the infamous "deep fried oreos" party... thats what i like to call it anyway..lolz thanx again squidward for the oreos.

    he even came over for Dsonik1s daughters birthday....i came there late but he always had a smile on his face. everytime i met him it would be "hows your bike running?" we could always talk about bikes....he was a great man and he will truly be missed by not only myself but every single person that he came across.


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    RIP Theo, saddens me that I never had the chance to meet you. May you never be forgotten.
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    Theo grew to be one of my most trusted friends on TSB. His rides were top notch. I NEVER worried about safety, about stupid riders, bc he put them in their place, from the start. His safety speeches are famous, whether they be at a 7-11 or at the Riviera after breakfast. You introduced me and got me comfortable on my first north run. You sir, made motorcycles an even better experience for me. Thank you Daytona.
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    Its a very sad day for TSB, we have lost a wonderful person, rider, mentor and a truly generous and honest person
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    Rip. This is really sad to hear, he was a great guy.
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    This really blows!!! He really was a cool guy. I don't get out much for street rides and he welcomed me on his rides anytime I came out, this is so surreal.
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    I didn't like him much at all when he was new. We went at it daily. After meeting him and hashing out out differences We still argued , but had fun doing so.

    Great guy and he meant alot to our community as a whole . R.I.P Blue
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    Rip. I only meet him 1 time at the toco bus, i am short and have to tiptoe on my bike, while i was trying to back up he did this little dance which made me crack up. The world lost a great person. My heart goes out to all of his love ones.

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    R.I.P. Theo. This is so sad to hear. I enjoyed the conversations we had and the good times we shared with friends. You will be missed by so many people. Thoughts and prayers for your family.

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    Wow, I still remember the last big group ride that he led before the summer. I live near the Ale House, usually the meeting location of DB's rides, it's not the same when I pass it now.

    It's the best way to go, doing something that you love.

    RIP DB

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    So tragic. He was such a good guy.

    Ride in peace brother.
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    I am completely shocked to hear about this. DB's group rides were some of the few that I ever looked forward to. He was one of the kindest guy's in the group, and always made everyone feel welcome. I will never forget the night of "full gear roller skating", how much you made everyone laugh, or how willing to help you were. You will always be missed Theo!

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    A couple months ago was the last time I had the privilege to ride with Theo and captured the memory on video and thought I'd share a few minutes of that ride. I always looked forward to his rides, he will be missed.

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    I lost my best friend today.

    You were my first friend in Fl, the one who taught me how to ride the way I do, who showed me the importance of being my own person, and riding my own ride. You got me into your famous north runs back when they were only 5-6 people. you supported me and my little GS when nobody else didn't.

    Your my favorite 30-something year old, your my god-honest role model, you were successful as a person, as a businessman, as a friend, and above all as a leader.

    I regret not being able to come over more often all those times you invited me, I regret working so much and not being able to finish projects with you.

    When I was in need, you were there, as well as anybody else who was in need. You would give anybody the shirt off your back, and than ask if they need your shoes also.

    I miss you making fun of my old man loafers I wear, I remember how you didn't want to sit on the Harley because you may actually like it, I remember how we scrambled to help Emily when she had her mishap, and I remember planning ahead about future cars, sales, and finally getting around to fixing up the old roadster, and how he was going to go on a road trip with me to the keys one day. I remember just a month ago when I was going through a lot of shit, and was talking about my will, and how I didn't want people to grieve for me when I'm gone, and he agreed. Smile for his life, don't remember him for his death.

    The man that died today was a selfless individual, I will miss him dearly as will so many others that he touched. Remember what he preached, be your own person, be safe, and above all, be happy.

    My brother is now carving up some bad-ass road in the sky, wearing top of the line taichi gear, on the most badass triumph ever built. I'll meet you one day, Theo.

    love you man.

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    ... I really dont know what to say... RIP Theo... Never will be forgotten...

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    Rip Theo

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    sad sad day R.I.P

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