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Thread: Intro of Wrenching Tips

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    Intro of Wrenching Tips

    This Topic is for posting tips and experiences with working on bikes. Feel free to post helpful information or How To\ info.

    Please see rules for posting below... The rules will make it easier to get your questions answered..
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    Quote Originally Posted by griffinzx10 View Post
    This Topic is for posting tips and experiences with working on bikes....
    and for asking other members for help with your technical / mechanical issue.


    Please post with the following about the bike in your "help" thread:

    1. Year, make, and model of motorcycle.
    2. Exact description of the problem with all possible information provided.
    3. Length of time the problem has been occurring.
    4. All modifications done to the bike.
    5. Any remedies they have already tried to cure the problem.

    This information would be helpful to the member with the problem and the members trying to help with the problem. It is hard enough to diagnose a problem on the internet without all the information. Also it does not help the person with the problem if they have to wait an extended period of time because of lack of information... SUGGESTIONS SUBMITTED BY WASNTME.
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