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Thread: May 10

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    May 10

    Just a reminder that we'll be at Homestead on May 10th..

    Rick Case is coming down again and we'll have some nice giveaways.

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    have fun bro, i'll be at jennings this weekend, but i need to plan a trip down there soon....

    And as always, if you want to ride homestead, Florida Track Days is the way to do it. Several people have been to this so far, and everyone has a blast... not only on the track, but the whole day is run great...
    Oh Look another SAE!!!!
    When the FCUK did we get Ice Cream!!!!!!!

    OH LOOK>>>>> CUPCAKES...
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    I am in - very, VERY excited.
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    You (Gummo) should make a thread for June 21st, 2009 (I didn't want to step on your toes). I'm planning on going.

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