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Thread: Homestead Jan 18, 09

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    That is a pretty cool shot there Capt. T

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    Lisa takes great photos... the set i got from here back in June, I was going thru T-10, when i got the full res pic, i was able to zoom in and read the time on my lap timer
    Oh Look another SAE!!!!
    When the FCUK did we get Ice Cream!!!!!!!

    OH LOOK>>>>> CUPCAKES...
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    Yes i hold a track record, and NO it will never be broken


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    Quote Originally Posted by FlynScotsman View Post
    Had a great time meeting everyone, and had more fun than should be allowed. Thanks to Donny from Dynoworks for toting all my sh*t down to Homestead and back. Thanks to Capt. T for dinner on Saturday night , and to ShortyR6, Griffinzx10 and Vixxen for the help and entertainment. Damn it was a laugh a minute. I cannot tell if my sides are sore from laughing so much or from riding..............

    Got the video off the DVR and will post some links when I get some of it edited. Looking forward to seeing the pictures from Vixxen........


    Did you ever get the video downloaded from homestead?

    it was good meeting you too, and hope to see you back at the track soon.


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