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Thread: New rules for the Riders down section

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    Intro of Rider\'s Down

    This section is for riders that have either crashed or their bikes are down due to maintenance.
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    New rules for the Riders down section

    We at TSB are going to be changing the rules to posting in this area going forward.

    We care about any injured rider, and we all feel for those that lose their life while riding...

    With respect to everyone involved, the riders, family and friends we are now going to moderate all posts in this section..

    Please post information that you know FIRST HAND... Hearing something, or seeing something does not count. If you know first hand info please post it, but if you do not have all the details, please keep it off the site until ALL the information is known..

    We are doing this to avoid people from posting things like, Saw a blue and white GSXR down... This causes everyone who knows someone with that color bike from freaking out, and calling every person...

    Since this site has gotten so big, we dont want friends and family members reading about a loved one going down on this site first, before hearing from the authorities...

    We hope that everyone understands and complies with this new rule, that will make things easier for everyone..

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