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  • Chad Wolfe Prepared

    Chad Wolfe has made a legendary name for himself in the Motorcycle community of Tampa Bay, and has affectionately become known as the CHUCK NORRIS of motorcycles.

    Chad has been involved in the motorcycle community for well over a decade or more, but i have personally known him for about 8 or 9 years now. One of the few true master mechanics in the area, Chad is known for his attention to detail, honesty, integrity customer service, and most importantly, his motto which he lives by: "Good Enough- ISN'T"

    Chad Wolfe is a full service master mechanic, who can do just about any work on a bike that you need, whether it be a simple oil change, a full suspension rebuild, and dialing that suspension in to your needs, building track record race engines for top local racers, the list goes on.

    Chad Wolfe Prepared- One of a few true professionals in this industry.

    To contact Chad, please send him a pm on TampaSportbikes.com, or feel free to post in his dedication section on TSB.

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    1. caps's Avatar
      caps -
      He does some awesome work!
    1. echoraven's Avatar
      echoraven -
      If only he could be cloned....
    1. Agent's Avatar
      Agent -
      Yay Chad!