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01-21-2007, 10:54 PM
Thought I'd share my review of it with you guys:

AGV Forza 1 pc suit

Purchased from Cycle Mart for the low price of $291.96
First impressions:

A little long in the legs and arms (about an inch or two to be exact)
I ordered a US size 46 which is supposed to fit the following sizes:

5'8" - 6'1" 160-175lbs and the website says 31-24 for waist (I imagine this is supposed to be 31-34)

I found the overall fit to be great, I'm 5'10" around 210 with a 34" waist. The only problems are the legs are a bit long which gets uncomfortable sometimes when I have the boots on. The arms are a little annoying when I don't have my gloves on, but fit great with the gloves on. There is enough ventilation in the suit that I don't get overly heated on the warmest days we've had these last two weeks, but it is a little chilly on the cooler ones. I wore a sweater last night under the suit while it was about 55-58° around the bay area and was only slightly chilly. A windproof liner would help this immensly. If I wear any type of thermal pants under it, I have no problems with the legs at all.

The leather seems to be of very high quality given the price of the suit. It's a little stiff but that should work out in time. There is a pretty good amount of safety armour everywhere except the back. I plan to get an Icon or some other brand of spine protector in the future to insure my safety. The legs include heavy duty knee armour and armour for the shins as well.

I love the suit so far and have worn it everytime I have taken the bike out. I don't find it the least bit uncomfortable on the road and would be more than willing to recommend this suit to other riders.

As far as pics, the wife is still not up for taking them yet, so for now you will have to deal with AGVSports website.




01-21-2007, 11:01 PM
Congrats on the new suit. Its a little early for Christmas gifts already!?


01-21-2007, 11:02 PM
No, got it this past christmas, just now getting to write a little review.