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Cream Cheese
12-01-2009, 07:09 PM
hey check it out guys, as some of you may know i am a sponsored stunt rider of FJmotorsports, i need to get some guys who needs parts or work done to buy some stuff from them to be able to keep my sponsorship! we are working togerther and offering a promotion to those who needs parts will get 10$ off their purchase if you give them the promo code "Cream Cheese" i know its goofy but hey all u gotta say is those 2 little words and it helps me out and gives u guys a break on the total price, so just keep in mind if u go somewhere to buy a part and its 120 bucks but if u go to fj and we'll just say the same part is 121 bucks but u say CREAM CHEESE than hey now its 111, its cheaper than the other, oh its not that confusing!!!!!!!!!!